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Jared Falk's Rock Drumming System

I'd been playing drums for about two years when I first met Jared Falk. He was recommended to me by my local music store, and so started taking weekly lessons from him back in the summer of 2004. Now, I had taken private lessons before, so I had an idea of what to expect.

However, I was in for a real surprise. The material Jared taught was similar to stuff I had worked on in the past, but he was able to explain certain concepts in ways that I had never considered before. I really started to pick up things at a much faster pace. I drastically improved my basic beats, learned how to sight-read sheet music, and finally learned how to create musical drum fills!

I think having the correct teacher can make all the difference in the world. Unfortunately, I had to move about 15 months after starting with Jared. I never got back into private lessons while living in Seattle, so my drumming didn't really improve all that much over the next two years.

Then, last October, Jared sent me an e-mail to let me know of his new Rock Drumming System training course. Basically, it was a DVD/book version of the private lessons that I used to have with him. I immediately grabbed a copy. It's pictured here:

Jared Falk's Rock Drumming System

I have since worked all the way through the beginner and intermediate workbooks, and am just starting the advanced material now. It really is as close to taking private lessons with Jared as I could ever be. I'm extremely happy with the training system, and would recommend it to any would-be drummers that are interested in getting the best results. I can't imagine learning from any other teacher, and thats why I recommend this package to every new drummer.

Go visit www.RockDrummingSystem.com to learn more about Jared and the system.

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Drumming System by Mike Michalkow

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