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Learn to Increase Your Stick Speed

One of the biggest skills of professional drummers that set them apart from the rest is stick and hand speed. Being able to play the drums with blazing fast stick speed is something every drummer should strive for. But how do you increase your stick speed? Is there an easy way to increase the speed, control and power of your drumsticks? The answer is yes and no. There are definitely methods that will immediately increase your power, speed and control on your sticks, but ultimately, you will need to practice a lot more! That being said, check out these methods and tricks designed to get the maximum speed, control and power from your drumsticks. Hopefully in the end, you will be playing your rolls and beats with more confidence.

Learn the Moeller Method

The first technique that comes to my mind when I think about stick speed and control is the Moeller Method. This is a technique used on your sticks to get more control and bounce from your sticks. Doing this method right will give you a lot more speed with your sticks because you can control the amount of bounces you get from each stroke. Ultimately, you can be playing 3 or 4 hits for every 1 stroke of your stick. That is a lot better then the regular one stroke for one hit. It is like doing less then half the work, and getting triple the results. Although this method takes a bit to master, anyone can begin with some basic bounces that will immediately improve your playing. Definitely take the time to check out this technique. A great training site for this is the MoellerMethod.com website. Here you will find DVD instructional all about the Moeller method!

Learn to Practice Rudiments

The next thing that sticks into my mind is rudiment practice. In order to develop blazing speeds on your stick, you must be able to control them. That is where rudiments come into play. If you are unsure of what rudiments are, check out this rudiment article; it describes the importance of practicing these patterns. Check that article out, and start practicing. Single stroke roll practice will help your develop your overall speed on your sticks. Double stroke rolls will work on you power and control on your sticks. Paradiddles, flams, and others will work on speed, power and control. Practice these with a metronome and practice pad for best results!

Use Proper Stick Grip

One of the easiest things any drummer can do to improve their stick speed is use the right stick grip. When you play the drums with improper stick grip, you are sacrificing efficency on your sticks and wrists. Although the proper way may feel a little different at first, be patient, as it will pay off in the end. There is a reason why these grips are called "proper". When you play for long periods of time, you can actually hurt yourself by using improper stick grips. Holding the stick the right way will allow the stick to move more freely in your hand. This will result in faster bounces and smoother movements. Ultimately increasing your speed!

So take these 3 tips to your drum set and start practicing. If you want more detailed instruction on how to hold you sticks, check out this stick grip article. Also, you can always check up on the Free Drum Lessons website for more info on how to hold drumsticks. You do not need to be a professional to play like a professional. Practice your rudiments with the right stick grip, and look into the Moeller method!

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