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Drum Lessons and Drum Tuition

No matter what your skill level is on the drums, every drummer should take some sort of drum lesson. Drum lessons can teach you how to play new and unique beats and patterns, as well as tighten up your overall playing. Even if you are an advanced drummer, it is never a bad idea to take drum lessons or tuition. Now when you think of drum lessons, you may think of a personal lesson with a drum instructor. These types of lessons can cost you a lot of money, and may not even be beneficial! So lets go over some other ways to give yourself drum lessons.

The first way to teach yourself the drums is by using the countless free online drum lessons. There are hundreds of online web sites that offer free lessons filled with unique beats, tips, lessons, and other advice for drummers of all different levels. The best part about this is they are all free. I find the best way to learn online for free is to decide what you want to learn, and searching for it on the search engines. If you are searching for drum lessons in general, you can easily get distracted and wind up reading over information you already know. Here are a few great web pages you can start at if you are looking at learning some specific techniques and beats on the drums:

The other way to learn how to play the drums is by purchasing drumming video lessons. Now you may be weary about these online drumming videos, however they are extremely beneficial. This goes for any drum DVD you pick up. Now I know some videos will teach more then others, however they are great for the amount of money they cost. Some personal lessons can cost you up to 50 dollars for an hour lesson. In that lesson you may only learn one or two techniques. A DVD cans cost you around 40 to 60 dollars, and be packed with much more than an hour or personal lesson could ever teach you. These are great to because you can always go back and watch them again and again in case you missed anything. Here are a few great instructional products that I have purchased in my day; they are great for whichever techniques you are striving to learn!

Now I suggest these forms of drum lessons first because I think they are the best way to learn the drums; however personal lessons are never a bad option. Sometimes if you are struggling with a technique issue that you cannot solve on your own, a private drum lesson may be the only way to go (or maybe even just use an online drum discussion forum). Before you go out and find random lessons, make sure you get to know your instructor. A lot of times drum teachers can talk too much, or not be skilled enough in the area where you are looking to learn! So make sure you are finding the right bang for your buck!

If you are looking for basic tips on tuning drums, visit the Drum-Tuning.com website. They have some good information about getting started. Then, head over to FreeDrumLessons.com for more.

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